Crafting accidents

Thus reports the overseer of the Hall of Construction:

“I have made it my task to warn newcomers to the Hall of Construction of dangers and to document any accidents that occur. For this, there is the yearly Prize of the Ashen-labyrinth for extremely bad errors. Here now, for the selection panel, the worst accidents:”


Captain Haab wanted to add enormous jumping power to his wooden leg for a journey into the mountains. In order to test the footing, he stamped his foot thrice and flew right out of the skylight. My friend Astari who was watching the sky told me he had seen a red spot in a moon crater that evening.

A young warrior named Tikkirej wanted to create a moving sword to overcome his enemies cover. He had more success than expected for the blade turned into a snake that bit him into his own hand. Since then no one has touched the sword but it keeps the rats away.

A wanderer told of a smith named Olsoff who did not want to travel to the Hall to make himself a fire-ring for the journey over the mountain tops. He met him at the southern slope of a mountain, his hand within a stream, in a place where the wanderer knew a glacier had existed. It seems Osloff had forged the fire-ring into his hand, instead of around his finger. Soon the glacier will cease to be as he is still using it to cool his hand.

Kunibert the Bald as we called him since several failed attempts at hardening steel resulted in explosions is no longer among us. Before his demise he said a scout had told him that his problem was the exact amount of guano and that “over nine-thousand heaps” would surely generate sufficient power. Apparently he also told him that the difference between nitrogen and potassium nitrate could be found out by igniting it. If more of such fools should come here, we soon will have a Place of Construction instead of a Hall.

At the edge of town there is a new rosebush. It belongs to an adept from the north who couldn’t control his whip. He tried for thorns but got only buds. Furthermore nobody had told him that whips are as chaotic as their creation. Thus he hit himself and tried to flee back into town but then was consumed from the inside by the buds that spread throughout his body. The blossoms are very popular with the ladies of the town.

A trader from Baqua-Al-Dschad came to upgrade his goods. He appeared quite confused and distracted, rambling on and on about rarities and was convinced to make a great profit with elementary effects. The ice effect that was supposed to strengthen armor and paralyze opponents passed over to him. Since then he stands with raised tools in the Hall; maybe he ought to have teamed up with Olsoff.

A sculptor had long been in love with one of the noble women, but didn’t even dare to talk to her. Thus he coated a statue of her with a rare tincture that he had extracted from a scale of a dragon’s skeleton from the southern islands that has the ability to animate things. And so the statue became alive and the sculptor went for a swim with her. What he didn’t consider was the water rinsing off the tincture from the body. Not wanting to let her go, he drowned.