Crafting in Unbended is more than just clicking on a recipe in order to create, say, a set of armor. In Unbended, you will need to craft your weapon and armor from the ore to the finished set yourself. Not only the Crafting skill is deciding but also the Pathfinding skill to discover valuable resources. If your Pathfinding skill rises so does not only the number of resources you’ll find, but also their value. A very high skill enables you to find hidden worth others will easily overlook.

Once you’ve found your ore, be it as loot or hidden in the world, you’ll need to extract the metal from the rock and refine it, too. And for the refinement additional substances are needed, such as guano; the nitrogen it contains is used to harden the steel. But beware; no one is born a master! Especially in the beginning it can happen that you’re making an error and instead of extracting the nitrogen from the guano you free the potassium nitrate. Combined with the carbon that is produced by the heating of the metal a smoking mixture is created that can, at the right temperature, blow up in your face. Incorrect crafting has pressed many a hero into a small if pretty diamond.

Once you have, after several attempts, managed to produce steel of the right hardness and fold it, you are still missing two things in order to create your own armor: magic for effects like resistance to poison or damage reflection and a confluxor to infuse the material with magic. This confluxer isn’t to be understood with a recipe. In the beginning you might think that there’s a blue print you just have to follow closely, but a confluxor is an expendable item just like all other ingredients. However it is only through this that the fusion of physical materials with ethereal things is possible. The combination of these “ingredients” results in a unique item that in this form can’t be found around the world, taken off an enemy or bought from a merchant.

Just as your experiment might fatally go wrong, it’s possible that your finished item has an unanticipated extra bonus that greatly improves it. But here too the principle applies: the better you are at crafting, the better your finished product. Even though every layman can try himself at a master’s sword, his chances for success are small.

To master your weapon in combat is the next hurdle to take as even the best weapon is only ever as good as the one who wields it. The higher your level and skills, the stronger and more useful are your items.

True mastery of crafting is archived by those that manage to craft an entire set. For this, all items have to be created with the same additional bonus so that weapon and pieces of armor harmonize with each other. This extra bonus coalesces the items and makes them into a set that is more than just the sum of its parts.

Crafting also differs between the archetypes. Just as with the choice of weapons, when it comes to Crafting every character has their own natural affinity to specific weapon classes that allow for better results at Crafting. And it is the same for wielding weapons; the Gambler might become a decent sword fighter with some effort, but he will never reach the mastery of a Blademaster.

In order to additionally enhance your finished, unique item you always have the option of seeing a smith. For a few Cambrian silver coins he will be glad to add rings, amulets or other items to your weapon or armor.

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