Those of you that have already reserved their grave in the world of UNBENDED will especially have reason to celebrate. Our map, which you can find right here, shows the continent of Aetherra. The graphic isn’t final yet and the map will continue to grow and receive additional work, but you can begin to find your graves, villages and the supposed hang outs of your NPCs – although it might take a little searching. We wish you the best of luck and fun with that. If you really can’t find your grave, NPC or village, or if you would like a specific inscription, please contact us at We’re happy to add them.

How to use: You can easily zoom and move the map using your mouse. Blue markers are NPCs, black ones stand for villages and the graveyard entrances are marked in red. If you’re looking for your resting place, click on the red stones. If you prefer viewing the map in its own window, click here.

Discover the world of UNBENDED with the help of postcards from prominent places!

Chasm of Dimona

God’s summit

Unsacred Mountains

High Fortress of the Bhay-Yan

Plains of Gaihaen

Mines of Sathaga

Lone Needle