Franz Stradal

technical management, concept development, over-all management

For the past 20 years working in game development. Profound knowledge as programmer, technical director, producer, creative director and CEO. His best known works encompass the Demonworld series and the outstanding APRGs Sacred and Sacred 2.
Currently working as product manager for social and mobile games.


Norbert Beckers

story, world and character design, content creation

Started in game development in the early 1990s. Project manager for numerous game titles, CEO, marketing director. Involved in the development of the Demonworld series, Armalion and the creation of the Sacred 2 dialogues.
Currently active in online marketing.


Marc Oberhäuser

world design, technical game design

Another old hand in the industry with more than 20 years experience in game development. Project manager of the Demonworld series, senior designer for Sacred and Sacred 2.
Currently working in the browser and social games business.


Ralph Roder

story design, content creation and world design
Experienced in content design, game writing and story lining. Actively involved as game designer at the development of Sacred and Sacred 2.
Currently freelancing in the field of game writing and content design.

Supporting Team

Matthias Steinwachs
Freddy Böckem Stradal
Helge C. Balzer
Frank Rentmeister
Michael T. Bhatty
Romina Scagliarini
Valentina Tamer
Rudolf Eizenhöfer
Anastasija Gaus

Forum Team

Cisa (Community Manager)

frentmeister, mainclaim

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Antje Kocur-Rentmeister

Computerspiele / Entwicklung und Vertrieb

Franz Stradal
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