You’ve got questions for us?

We’re giving you the chance to ask the developers questions on UNBENDED. For this, we’ve created a thread in our forum. Anything that you’ve always been wanting to ask and that hasn’t been answered so far, go on, ask it. The questions and answers will be published on their own FAQ page.

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New video on crafting by Glacierbolt

Glacierbolt has put together a video on our crafting system, as we revealed it in our last news.

All fan videos about UNBENDED can now be found in our media section.

What you should know about “Crafting” in UNBENDED


From now on, we will tell you a little bit about the internal workings of UNBENDED in our new category GAME INSIGHTS. Feel free to take a little look over our shoulders.

The first article is on the often discussed topic “crafting.” We give you an overview on that from our perspective and will show Continue reading

New article at Nichegamer

There is a new article on Unbended at Nichegamer: Unbended: What we know so far

Travel broadens the mind

In keeping with this nice motto, we have just the right material for the explorers among you. The entire northern half of Aetherra has been surveyed by now. The interactive map gives you a first impression of what the geographic conditions in UNBENDED will be. Discover the first half of the world with us while Continue reading

Two more characters introduced – BLADEMASTER and CRYSTAL MAGE


The next two characters introduced are something for the friends of close combat and magic: the BLADEMASTER and the CRYSTAL MAGE. More information on both will follow within the next few days. Right now, all info can be found exclusively in the print issue of GAMESTAR (as of 28th May). We had to pledge ourselves Continue reading

First version of the interactive map – Unbended, the north of Atherra

Those of you that have already reserved their grave in the world of UNBENDED will especially have reason to celebrate. Our map, which you can find right here, shows the nothern part of Aetherra. The graphic isn’t final yet and the map will continue to grow and receive additional work, but you can begin to Continue reading

First impressions of the UNBENDED soundtrack

Composed by Matthias Steinwachs.

You want some music for Easter – without bunnies? No problem. We’re happy to present to you the first piece of the UNBENDED soundtrack. Our thanks go to our friend Matthias Steinwachs, who has made it possible, and we wish all of you some relaxing and sunny Easter days.

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We present you: the GAMBLER


The creation of the world and our six characters is progressing slowly. In this update, we’ll show you a bit of both.

The GAMBLER as the first character has taken on form and even if we can’t give you an overview of his combat skills or magical talents yet, you’re going to hear some things Continue reading


Gamestar with first details about UNBENDED.