Halloween Event 2014


From today (October 15th) you can find more on our world map than just towns, NPCs, gravestones – we’ve hidden pumpkins just for you! And for the one who finds all of them, we’ve got something really special as a reward.

This way to the description and the rules for the event.

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This postcard holds secrets: Welcome to the Plains of Gaihaen


There is news from our “Postcards from Aetherra” section. We invite you on a little trip to the legendary Plains of Gaihaen. Discover a region that the people of Aetherra avoid with good reason. And as you probably already suspect: the Plains of Gaihaen will play a not insignificant role in UNBENDED.

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Wir geben der anderen Seite ein Gesicht: Willkommen zum Bestiarium von Aetherra


Slowly the first creatures from the other site are taking on shape. In order to collect those for you, you now can find our bestiary on the website – a good source for preparation for future heroes. We start it with the highly unpleasant nightmare.

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Some questions and answers to end the week

Never fear. We have neither fallen asleep nor have we lost interest in our baby. During the last two weeks there was a lot of organizational matters and technicalities on our schedules. In the current phase of the project, that’s unfortunately not avoidable. But we promise to improve and we’ll try to give you something Continue reading

New article from Czech Gamer

Slowly, international awareness is growing. Here’s a new article from the Czech Republic.

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Media section updated

They know us now in Japan and Russia, too! This way to our media section.

At last: the South revealed!

Have you set out sturdy shoes, filled your skin water bottle and packed a good sunblock elixir? Then off you go. Discover with us the beauty and the secrets of Aetherra’s south. With our current update of the map the main continent is complete. If you’ve always wanted to be buried in warmer climates: there Continue reading

Crystal Mage reloaded: We show colors


We’re aware of it and it wouldn’t be any different for us: The characters are for you a pivotal element of most discussions about UNBENDED. That’s a good thing and we know that it can’t go quick enough for some. But please give us the time we need to work out our six heroes so Continue reading

A postcard from the mines


Everyone has different requirements for their holiday activities. Still, we definitely wouldn’t recommend a package holiday to the Mines of Sathaga, at least unless you have seen everything already and have nothing left to loose. Discover the dark secrets of Sathaga with our “postcard” of the day and get to know a place you unfortunately Continue reading

Questions and Answers: there’s an update waiting for you

Once again we didn’t falter and answered the next load of your questions. At this point, a little request from us to you: Please read the FAQ once more before posting your question. Some things keep being repeated or have been asked in a similar way already. You’d really make our work a bit easier. Continue reading