On Crafting (Part 1)


Have you ever considered what could happen when you are crafting and make an error? In the coming weeks we will tell you what all can go wrong and what you should pay attention to when you plan to ultimately have your own unique epic set.

The first part is here and tomorrow we will Continue reading

UNBENDED character update: our Crystal Mage takes shape


UNBENDED fans already know that the Crystal Mage belongs to those characters that are difficult to fully understand. But it’s also true that no other main character can undergo a similar change in the course of the game.

Christmas event: the winners!


Congratulations to the winners of our Christmas event!

You can find the entire story to read here.

For our noble supporters – a Christmas message from Aetherra


Dear UNBENDED supporters of the first hour,

we’d like to thank you for your trust and support with which you’ve showed us that you believe in us and our project. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing a lot about the concrete shape for the development of UNBENDED in the coming year, and

Podcast bei Spieleclub

Über eine Stunde hat Franz Stradal mit Spieleclub.fm über Unbended gesprochen. Wer sich den Podcast anhören möchte, kann ihn hier finden.

Christmas event


We, too, are looking forward to Christmas and we’d like to send you on a little quest in the days leading up to the 24th of December.

The rules for the event can be found here in our forum.
For the first prize, we’re giving out the first UNBENDED T-Shirt in existence!

More from the FAQ

As promised, here‘s the next FAQ update to end the week. Keep the questions coming.

More of your questions and our answers

Once again, we’ve answered your questions, you can find them here. And never fear, we’ll keep it up and predict the next update for the next weekend, already right now.

Update for our Bestiary – the Chasmvampir has landed


Those who think of something salacious when hearing the term “chasmvampire” has a dirty mind and will still be disappointed. 😉 Anyone else, we’re recommending our info on this clearly lethal enemy. Maybe someone among you has an idea on how to destroy these beasts. Otherwise, our advice to you: Be quick or be dead.

It’s Halloween in Aetherra – our postcard-triple-feature for the pumpkin festival


Halloween in Aetherra? Well, not quite. We know of no region on the continent where this tradition would be followed. The closest to it might be the Shaddak festivities that some indigenous tribes of the southwestern wastelands celebrate- However – and this needs to be mentioned – it’s not about collecting candy but rather… well… Continue reading