New inhabitant for the bestiary: the Black Scartarius


That caution is advisable in Aetherra, especially during the night, is partly due to the driftbug, which we present you today.

And, just in time for the Gamescom, there will be yet more news from Aetherra tomorrow.

FAQ Update

As promised, here are our latest answers to your questions.

22 new answers to your questions

We’re continuing the question and answer game. Here is the next batch.

FAQ Update

As promised, here are our latest answers to your questions.

New at the bestiary: The Cranguilla


With our newest entry to the bestiary we’ll give you a preview on what lurks in the oceans, waiting to devour you.

Coming up: FAQ update

Unbended one of the most anticipated games


We were incredibly happy to hear that UNBENDED is one of the 100 most anticipated games. Currently, UNBENDED takes a fantastic 52nd place.

Many many thanks to everyone who brought us this far, and of course, we’re working on meeting your expectations.

Insights, resorted


Some observing minds may have already noticed that we’ve resorted our category “Insights” for you.

In addition to that, there are also some new illustrations and a brand new article on the power you won’t ever be able to evade in Aetherra: The Drift!

The Horn of the Chylath


Those that bemoaned the brevity of the crafting accidents we’ve presented to you in our forum now have reason to rejoice. All others may look forward to learning more about the history of the early people of Aetherra.

Read the story of the “Horn of the Chylath” here.

April April – Neuigkeiten zum Stand der Entwicklung

Werte Community,

wir wissen, dass wir lange Zeit nicht viel Neues gebracht haben und ihr nach Infos lechzt wie ein ausgetrockneter Gaul nach Wasser. Zuletzt gab es mit den Texten zum Crafting und zu den Unfällen jedoch nur einen sprichwörtlichen Tropfen auf dem heißen Stein. Deswegen können wir jetzt voller Stolz folgende, bedeutende Nachricht verkünden:

On Crafting (Part 2)


The second part on Crafting is now online here and tomorrow the next accident will follow.