A New Year’s Eve Greeting from Aetherra


Dear friends of UNBENDED,

2015 was an exciting year for me, though for UNBENDED, it was more a quiet one.
However, that shall not affect UNBENDED and nevertheless, it will go on.

The world is growing – more about that soon – and the Sea Guardian has been given a face by Anastasija (aka Mamoon). Thanks for that!
Thank you also to Rudy for the wonderful postcards from Aetherra and to Helge who created the characters; and of course thank you to all our other supporters.
The moderators have supported the project particularly well; it’s really incredible.

At the moment, we’re lagging about one year behind, but: “A good thing takes time.” (Duke Nukem took ten years; we’ll get it done faster.)

3 things that we surely won’t do:

– quickly publish stuff, just to publish something
– dilute the IP by yielding to any kind of influence
– simply stop, because we’re not wimps

1 thing we’ll surely do:

– Continue!

Best wishes from the Lone Needle, the anchor of darkness,

PS: Drift well into the next year.