Monsters in Color


Anastasija – now officially a part of the Unbended team! – has taken on the task on giving color to some of the yet colorless monsters of our bestiary.

Keeping an eye on this category in the future will be worth it.

A New Year’s Eve Greeting from Aetherra


Dear friends of UNBENDED,

2015 was an exciting year for me, though for UNBENDED, it was more a quiet one.
However, that shall not affect UNBENDED and nevertheless, it will go on.

The world is growing – more about that soon – and the Sea Guardian has been given a face by Anastasija (aka Continue reading

A little Christmas Tale


In this time of presents, we also have a little something for you.

A small preview on our next character in form of a short story that isn’t at all christmas-y, accompanied with a picture drawn by the wonderful Mamoon, who has already done our already known characters in her style.

The UNBENDED team wishes Continue reading

The winning monster is…


What a voting! Not only were there incredibly great submissions, but we also saw a really exciting voting period.

But now we finally have our winner!

Voting restarted!


We apologize for the delay but now you can vote for your favorite monsters again.

Voting will end November 29th, 2015.

Monster election 2015


Now the choice is yours! This way to the UNBENDED monster election in our forum.

PS: Only logged in forum users can vote, so if you don”t have an account yet, why don”t you quickly register?

It’s time for monsters!


Soon, it’ll be Halloween and what would be more fitting than the pursuit of creepy creatures? In this year’s Halloween contest, we’re looking for your monsters! The grand prize? A nice, cozy place in our bestiary, of course.

Insights into the generation of items (part 2)


We’re continuing with insights into the game mechanics. Here you’ll find out even more about our items.

Insights into the generation of items


Hey guys, even though we still have to wait some more for bigger news, we’ve managed to get some info on the game mechanics from the devs. So here is some info on the items.

A postcard from the edge of the continent


You may have heard the name, but you really ought to know more about this strange place that many consider as cursed. This is why today we show you a postcard from the Chasm of Dimona.